There’s no city like Kansas City! This jewel sits at the junction of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, spread out along the rivers’ high banks, or the Bluffs. The people who live here have made Kansas City world-famous for barbecue and steaks. Not only that, Kansas City is the heart of America’s jazz scene, a gorgeously historic neighborhood called Westport, and several amazing museums. Without roofs and great paint, though, Kansas City would not be a successful city! RA Construction is proud to be the Kansas City contractors who always put your interests first. We are the team who will actually sit down with you and work to fully understand your budget as well as what you need.

Residential and Commercial Roofing

Homes and businesses play incredibly important roles in the lives of everyone in Kansas City. They shelter families, employees, and properties that make it possible for people to pursue their dreams. At RA Construction, we are proud roofing allies of business owners, homeowners, and property owners. Contact Kansas’s premier roofing contractors today!

Residential and Commercial Painting

The paint on your home or business serves practical and aesthetic purposes. It not only defines the appearance of your home, it acts as a sacrificial layer between your structure and the elements. You definitely want that paint to be in the best shape possible, and our professional painters are here to help!

Contact RA Construction

Keeping Kansas City beautiful and its people sheltered isn’t always easy. We’re in the Midwest, and that means we get some nasty weather throughout the year. Combined with age, weather can take perfect roofs and bright paint and reduce them quickly. You need a team who can keep your roof and paint looking good as new for an affordable price. We are that team! Whether you’re ready for work to start or you just want to learn more, we are ready to help. Contact us today!