If you’re looking for a really special suburb in Kansas City, you don’t need to go any further than Independence. This sweet location boasts many different attractions, like the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote the historical Little House on the Prarie series. It’s also a great place to get back into nature at the Elk City Reservoir and State Park, and if you’re around in October, you can enjoy Neewollah, the biggest and oldest annual festival in the state. However, all of these great attractions wouldn’t have a city to call home without roofs and walls.

Residential and Commercial Painting

Your home and business protect your loved one and your interests, but what protects them? All structures feature several protective layers that defend them against the elements. Paint could be called the very last. It’s a tough, sacrificial layer that not only makes your home or business look great, but keeps moisture, dust, and sun from affecting all the materials underneath. The RA Construction teams are professional painters with the experience required to make your home or business shine. Get an estimate today!

Commercial and Residential Roofing

Making the most of your business or home life is difficult when there are leaks in the roof. Troubled roofs not only erase your peace of mind, they can set you up for expensive repairs in your walls and floors, too. Now, modern roofs are plenty tough, but when they have to contend with the wind, hail, rain, snow, and sun we get in Kansas, they need watchfulness and world-class care. The RA Construction team is here to provide that and more for you. Contact our roofing contractor team for an estimate in Independence today!

Turn to RA Construction in Independence

Kansas might be tough on your home or business, but we can make your structure tougher. Learn more about our roofing and painting services today!