If there’s one thing we know, it’s that life happens. Most of us don’t have a bunch of cash on hand! Why? Because, while making the most of your property is a worthwhile investment, there are plenty of other important investments that need your attention. The good news is, you have options! Instead of letting your property suffer while you wait for a lump sum, you can move forward with a financing plan that is kind to your budget and your property.

We don’t want people to feel alone as they improve their properties. We are a local contractor so we care deeply for the people of Kansas City. That is why we work so hard to provide an easily-accessible array of options for your consideration. You can assess which financing option will work best for you and move forward with confidence, knowing that the RA Construction team will handle your property with care and the GreenSky™ team will do the same for your finances. You have more options than you think. Take the first step to a beautiful roof, paint job, or both!

All of our financing options are available through GreenSky financing. Please fill out the information below and you will be directed to choose from our various financing plans.

Roof Replacements As Low As $135 / Month

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