Commercial buildings come in all different shapes and sizes. From churches to factories to shopping centers to hotels — all of these buildings need roofs that work well! At RA Construction in Kansas City, we are proud to serve the area’s businesses by installing and maintaining dependable, excellent commercial roofing systems. If you want to see exactly what we can do, we have collected several examples of our work below.

Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Is Important

As you peruse the lists of action items below, you may or may not understand what you’re looking at. Either way, each item was carefully completed to ensure that the businesses depending on the roofs would be safe and dry for years to come. Commercials roofs are unique animals in that they can be made of many different kinds of materials. The science of the flat roof has come a long way, and many businesses benefit from it. However, maintenance is key!

  • Maintenance prevents serious damage. Kansas City sees its share of high winds, nasty hail, and other intense weather conditions. Consistent maintenance makes it easy to spot and fix issues before they become expensive problems.
  • Maintenance increases the lifespan of the roof. A badly-maintained roof will fail in a decade if it isn’t cared for. You don’t need that extra cost. Instead, invest in maintenance and enjoy the protection of your roof for many decades!
  • Roof maintenance is building maintenance. Every other part of your building depends on the health of your roof. When you keep your roof in great shape, you keep everything else in great shape, too. We are here to help, so contact us for commercial roofing services in Kansas City today!

Check Out Our Commercial Roofing Projects

Bethel Ame Church

2329 Flora Ave. Kansas City, MO, 64130

60 MIL TPO Flat Roof- 4,000 Sq. FT

  • Set up for re-roofing operation as approved
  • Provide all necessary protection needed to guard all walls and adjacent structures
  • Set up all required safety lines and as required by OSHA
  • Furnish and install 6 mil poly plastic film over existing roof as a protective sheet
  • Furnish and install 3/4″ Air Seal Rope
  • Furnish and install 60 mil TPO according to manufacturers specifications
  • Terminate 60 mil TPO around roof perimeter and all penetrations to create air tight seal
  • Install flashings at walls and penetrations according to manufacturers specifications
  • Furnish and install final termination bar on all wall flashings
  • Hot air weld all seams to achieve water-tight roof assembly
  • Furnish and install new TPO Vortex Wind Valves
  • Provide 20-year warranty

Paseo Office Building

6285 Pasea, Kansas City, MO 64110

Roof Replacement 3,000 SQ Ft- May 2017

  • Tear off and dispose layer of modbid and keep the existing installation
  • Install overlay with 60 mil TPO

Don’t let your commercial roof get away from you. Contact our expert team today!